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Jiangsu haierzi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is located in the Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park of Jiangbei new district, a beautiful high-tech Development Zone in Nanjing. It is a comprehensive high-tech industry integrating R & D, production and sales of biomedical health industry. Build modern pharmaceutical industry enterprises according to the national GMP management standards. All along, the company is committed to the research and development of medical consumables, high-tech medical instruments, medical and health supplies, biological health food and traditional Chinese medicine. Through nearly ten years of research, the company's scientific researchers have successfully developed a washing solution, Shutai (biological polysaccharide liquid dressing),
Advantages of Haierzi
  • Talent andtechnology
    Using high quality raw materials, experienced production technicians, following the high standard and strict requirements of the system production system, to ensure product quality.
  • Popular productsShutai
    Through the observation of patients in probation period in many hospitals and dental clinics, it is strongly recommended.
  • Infomation andtechnology
    Through Internet thinking and modern information technology, strive to build a well-known oral care brand.
  • Evergreen trees in the industry
    16 years of experience in the medical industry, the achievements of well-known products and senior professional services.
Haierzi Series products
Shutai (biological polysaccharide liquid dressing) artificial saliva. It is suitable for superficial wound protection; Oral cleaning nursing for patients during perioperative period and radiotherapy and chemotherapy; Relieve temporary dry mouth; Prevention and adjuvant treatment of gingivitis, oral ulcer, local bleeding of oral mucosa; Nasal irrigation......
Shutai (biological polysaccharide liquid dressing)
  • Oral care
     Daily oral cleaning and nursing, aiming at preventing and treating halitosis, oral ulcer, various oral inflammation flushing, superficial hemostasis after tooth extraction...
    Rhinitis treatment - wound protection
    Treatment of allergic rhinitis and acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis; It is suitable for superficial wound protection; Reduce the damage of skin and mucous membrane at the irradiation site..
    Suitable for various scenarios
    Appointment, business trip, travel, office, before operation, before sleep; Fresh breath, clean mouth, reduce rhinitis caused by long-term runny nose sneezing...
Hotline: 18795914460
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